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Every time Fall Out Boy performed one of their songs during an acoustic set, including video/audio links.

(NOTE: Not all of their songs will be on this list! If your favorite isn’t here, I’m sorry. ALSO, this list DOES have all acoustic covers, as well as songs that were originally acoustic.)

(If I’m missing a song, PLEASE TELL ME!)

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My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue (not counting acoustic performances of songs on other records):

From Under The Cork Tree:

Infinity On High:

Folie A Deux:

Save Rock And Roll:



As a thank you for checking out this post, and an apology for this masterpost being so short compared to my others, I’ve linked something extra.Β THIS VIDEO is a little gem I found while hunting down all these videos. An old friend of the band attempts to play Dead On Arrival on guitar as Pete and Patrick attempt to sing along (with some lyrical changes…)

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